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exploring a new career or finding that new job can be challenging.

Whether you are in a career which is stuttering or currently unemployed, not reaching your true career potential is frustrating. Added to that, for many of us, not having the security of a regular paycheck is scary, and losing that security changes everything.

Suddenly, you go from knowing your place in the world, to submitting multiple job applications for new roles.

Putting a dollar value on your knowledge, skills and experience isn’t easy, especially if you’re brand new to a technology career. 

re-skilling or upskilling towards a future proof career has many benefits.

it allows you to package all your current knowledge, skills and expertise.

it puts you first, doing what you're naturally skilled at whilst enjoying all the long term benefits of a tech job.

it gets your foot in the door with new employers or makes you indispensable in your already existing role.

and it all starts with building digital skills in a field you're naturally good at.

Discover your pre-existing digital skillset with our industry-leading testing and then fill in the gaps with our online training courses and dedicated career coaches.

Through the WYWM Digital Skills Academy, job-seekers have a 76% success rate in finding the perfect job within 6 months of online course completion.

However, it’s not easy. Putting in the work, being realistic and setting expectations is also essential and nothing will be done overnight. That’s why we give free support to all Digital Skills Academy members forever.

WithYouWithMe has worked hard over the last four years to help over 20,000 veterans find out what they’re good at and transition to that next stage of their career journey. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with Randstad to expand the program and give these same opportunities to thousands of others.

Tom Moore - CEO @ WithYouWithMe

Australians are looking to take back control of their careers and reskill for the future. At Randstad, we have made our commitment to maximise future employment for Australians and contribute to the economic growth of the Australian society as a whole and touching the work lives of 500 million people world wide.

Nick Pesch - CEO @ Randstad Australia

why are Randstad and WithYouWithMe doing this?

To help individuals understand their strengths, opportunities and potential tech career matches, The WYWM Digital Skills Academy gives access to career performance coaches to help individuals pick the right career, while WithYouWithMe allows individuals to access their internationally accredited online tech courses to upskill on-demand. Randstad and WithYouWithMe will then support these new graduates uncover new employment opportunities.

WithYouWithMe is an Australian veteran-owned organisation that provides specialised employment programs to help ex-service men, women and their spouses secure new careers in tech. Launched in 2016, it has helped more than 15,000 veterans find new careers in the tech industry.

This partnership will see job seekers and active workers from Randstad be given the opportunity to access WithYouWithMe’s military-grade testing and training programs, to help them make their dream career transition a reality.


how does it work?

Going step-by-step, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to either kick start your new career in tech or develop your existing one.

You’ll be on-boarded by one of the WithYouWithMe career coaches who will help guide you through the entire journey.

Once aboard you’ll receive comprehensive video training as well as all the secret employment strategies we’ve used to launch thousands of new careers in tech.

Along the way you’ll discover what you’re naturally good and and which digital pathway are best suited to you.

We’ll give you everything you need to start a new career, so you can go after your career goals with confidence and certainty.

students that have completed a course before you.

“WYWM helped provide me with an incredible way forward in my life, when I was unsure of my options. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

They provided me with relevant job training, provided valuable insights into the industry I was going into, helped me tailor my resume and coached and helped me prepare for my interview.”

Rhian Kellior

Senior Analyst at Accenture AI

“I had a number of discussions about the transition into a tech career, which was quite confronting after 32 years in a job. WYWM was able to provide a different perspective about the transition and helped me join a professional company that understands the nuances of the transition.

WYWM followed up every step of the way. The combination made it almost seamless.”

Roy Philpott

Senior Cyber Resilience Architect at Defence

here's what you'll learn inside the digital skills academy...

pre-flight: career prep

We’ll kick things off with a free one-on-one career call where one of our coaches will guide you through an initial self-discovery session to help you figure out what you’re naturally good at and walk you through all your career pathway opportunities.

module one: introduction

Learn about the role and tools of a data analyst. We’ll walk you through the data analytics framework, how data is stored and the data analytics environment.

module two: excel with the basics

In module two you’ll master the basics. Calculating and interpreting basic descriptive statistics, functions & formulas for aggregating data and building reports.

module three: transform & analyze

Learn how to build dynamic visualisation and dashboards in Power BI and how to present them through the forgotten power of storytelling.

module four: structured query languages

Discover syntax, logic, joins, aggregation functions, CASE functions and implement complex queries.

module five: launch your new career

Last but not least we’ll guide you through everything from preparing your CV, to learning how to put your best foot forward during the interview process

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