Course Introduction?

Data Analysis with Excel Course Introduction (read-through)

Introduction to Data Analytics

Transforming Data

Text Manipulation

Joining Data in Excel

Exploratory Analysis

Introduction to Power Query

Quartlies, Percentiles and the IQR

Calculating and Interpreting Box-Plots and IQR

Standard Deviation

Demonstration – Applying Descriptive Statistics

Data Analytics Assignment – Kickstarter

Data Analysis with Excel | Final Quiz

Data Analysis with Excel | Course Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Data Analysis with Excel course. It’s recommended you complete the Data Foundations (minimum: Basic Analysis Summary Lesson and Final Quiz) prior to starting this course.    

Course Outline: 

In this course you’ll learn the following skills:


  • Clean and transform data
  • Deal with missing and incomplete values
  • Join data in excel


  • Exploratory Analysis with Pivot Tables
  • Introduction to Power Query
  • Quartiles, percentiles and the IQR
  • Histograms and Boxplots
  • Calculating and interpreting Standard Deviation

Course Principles: 

  1. Skills over software

We aim to provide you with a base of understanding which will allow you to apply yourself to any tool and many different situations. While this course is Data Analytics using Excel, Excel is just the tool that helps you learn the skills.

  1. Learn by doing

The best way to gain skills in Data is through practice. Course content is designed with a focus on practical lessons. In practical lessons you’ll follow along with the video, and there are additional exercises for you to practice your skills.    

Lesson Structure: 

  • Video Lesson
    • What, how, why and when of a skill
  • Lesson Exercise
    • Follow along with the video to practice
  • Exercise
    • Test your skills
  • Quiz
    • Test your knowledge

And at the end of the course there is a marked assessment. Thanks for joining the Data Analytics with Excel course!